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    hello boss, how are you?
    I received a theme update notification again, I am attaching the content.
    I wanted to ask you: once the theme is downloaded from the link, what should I do?
    How do I upload your updated theme to WordPress, without changing anything in the content and shop?

    Thank you

    ” Hi enry0816,
    We’d like to let you know that an update to your item RBpazt – Auto Parts WooCommerce Theme by leebrosus is now available in your Downloads page.
    Remember: you need to be logged in to download the update.”


    Most of the customizations are done in the child-theme so make sure it’s not lost when you update the main-theme.
    In addition, the customizations in customize and in the settings on the website are not affected.
    If you don’t have any customizations directly in the main-theme then you can update the theme without losing any previous customizations.

    Support Expired

    HELLO Điệp Nguyễn thanks for the reply.

    Correct me if I understand correctly: I download the child theme update, then I upload it from WordPress where exactly? From which menu item do I load the zip file? Or do you mean from File Zilla?

    Then you tell me that there are no changes in the theme, as customizations I only changed, with your help, the background color of the newsletters, the background color where the company data is displayed (sandwich menu)

    Can you explain everything well? THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT



    1. Download the theme into your computer

    2. Unzip the file you just downloaded from ThemeForest and locate the WordPress Theme. (eg.

    3. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.

    4. Click on “Appearance > Themes”.

    5. Still within the Themes section, on header tab, click on “Install Themes”, then on header second tab click “Upload”.

    6. Click “Browse…” and locate the new theme file. (eg.

    7. In the “Upgrade existing theme?” option choose “Yes” from the dropdown list.

    8. Click “Install Now”.

    9. Click “Activate”.

    Support Expired

    developer, do you remember me? I purchased your model
    I have a problem after an update, among those usually reported on the bulletin board.
    After the update I got this error in the top
    Is it possible that the update is not compatible with the theme version?
    I attach screenshots

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