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    Support Expired

    I just bought your template, in my new space I have already installed CMS WordPress, hosting “SiteGround”.
    Transaction code

    From the downloaded file I find several files including:
    – plugn
    – revslider
    Between these two: the first is the theme I need to install? With the configuration I import the sample data as per your demo? I need to have clear ideas on the areas where to intervene for customization.
    The second folder is also the plugins folder, do I need to install that zip file as well?
    The third folder contains zip files of the various homes, should I install the chosen one?

    Waiting for a prompt reply, I cordially greet Enrico

    Support Expired

    Hi.. yes ok.
    No, you answered my question: in the downloaded folder there is a zip file [] then in a plugin folder a file called “”, I have to upload this too after installing the rbpazt-theme template ?
    Finally there is a folder “revslider” there are several folders with different houses, inside the zip slide file, do I have to install this too?
    OR JUST INSTALLING THE “rbpazt-theme” ZIP FILE installs everything including plugins?
    I read from your documentation that after installing the template, activating plugins, click Appearance -> Theme Setting. This section will walk you through the steps to install the demo with one-click import.

    that’s all?

    Waiting for a prompt reply, greetings Enrico



    You just need to install the theme, then click theme setup -> Child-theme, your plugins and demo will be installed.

    Support Expired

    This notification shows up in my WordPress dashboard

    Your theme (RBpazt Child) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. You may need to update these files to ensure compatibility with the current version of WooCommerce. Fixing Tips:


    Hi again,

    I updated this file, please recheck your site.

    Support Expired

    what files are you talking about, you have not attached any files.
    Can you explain me better?

    Thank you



    I updated the outdated file in the theme for you

    Support Expired

    thanks for the file!
    I need the contact form to be active. See Attachment

    What should I do? Feel free to do it yourself

    Thanks boss

    Support Expired

    Hi ..
    how does this page work? Related to Tracking ↓

    Support Expired

    I entered a product, editing an existing one, the product sheet is well presented, just scrolling down shows a section titled “Quick Compare” which I don’t know where it comes from, but it looks messy; where do i hide it from?
    Is it possible to configure it differently?
    See attachment or URL

    although I’m afraid you don’t see it from the link because the site is under maintenance

    Thank you



    #9353: Form contact has been installed, looks like you fixed it:

    #9362: This is just a demo page, to use this function you need to install Order Tracking plugin:

    #9358: I fixed this issue, please recheck your site.

    Support Expired

    hi… thanks for your intervention!

    I was wondering where I can translate these entries from – see screenshot.

    From ⇢ ASPECT ⇢ MENU I see the menu but when I replace the name with one of my preference, the menu changes.
    Can you tell me where I correct from?

    One more thing: I would like the BLOG to be configured according to the aspect ⇢ “BLOG LEFT SIDEBAR” where do I configure from?

    Thank you

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    Support Expired

    hi… thanks again for your support.
    I did as you said and at this link ⇢ when I translate the title “Browse Categories”, it changes menu items automatically, replacing the category list with items from the main menu.

    Try it yourself! The current category list must remain.

    I loaded the “woo-orders-tracking” plugin and activated my courier, now what? Do I have to do another configuration or will it work as soon as I have the tracking code and paste it into the appropriate page of the site?

    At this point I would like to ask you a favor: I have another site with a purchased model, but the author doesn’t give me support, even though I paid for six months of support.
    Do you feel comfortable if you support me? I will pay for your hour of work.

    In anticipation, regards with respect

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