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    ..hey are you sure the video will automatically wall?

    Because I only see the preview ..but the video doesn’t start!


    Yes, this video automatically plays when the slider is next.

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    HI .. Điệp Nguyễn

    where is this section, to edit it?

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    Hi Điệp Nguyễn. How are you? The family?
    I need to know how to make the same background color here:
    As you can see I put yellow, but the borders remained blue.

    One more thing: since I’m syncing WooCommerce with warehouse software, the software engineers asked me to add this declaration in the wp-config.php file as mentioned here ↓
    – -
    only that as soon as I paste the line of text the site is no longer visible; what should I do?

    While at the bottom of this section where do I edit it from? ↓

    Thank you

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    hi. How are you?
    Can you give me clarifications on the search field?
    Check the screenshot, if I choose a category from the “search results” field it doesn’t land anywhere (No products were found that match your selection.), while if I select the categories from the left side instead the match is there.

    Help me? Thank you

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    Hi boss.. how are you,
    I received this notification, what should I do?

    Hi enry0816,
    We would like to inform you that an update for your item RBpazt – Auto Parts WooCommerce Theme by leebrosus is now available on your downloads page.
    Remember: you must be logged in to download the update.


    This updated version fixes the error you encountered, so you can update the new theme to fix it

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    h boss all right?
    Can you give me some advice on publishing a blog post? I have to publish a video, easy I published, with a preview image, otherwise you can’t see anything on the home page, only when I open the post it shows first. the preview image then the video; I would like the video to start immediately.

    See the post on the homepage, last published on the left

    Can you help me?

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    hi boss i need help with your theme
    practically if you connect from a smartphone you see this page of which I am attaching you.

    if you click on one of them, for example SHOP, you land on a non-existent page, why?
    Could you intervene? Thanks boss

    Then I ask you another courtesy: the site , do you remember you took care of all the translation by configuring the new plugin, well today by clicking on the BLOG of all languages you land on the error page.
    YOU SEE ⇢


    1. Please follow the guide here:

    2. I updated all links, please recheck.

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    Thanks for the reply. You were fast even on vacation.
    I checked from my smartphone and now the buttons work but a bug has appeared above: please correct it!
    Thank you.

    For the site I fixed

    Support Expired

    I also get the error above the main menu from the desktop
    I wait for you


    I fixed this issue, please recheck

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