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    Support Expired

    Hi Điệp Nguyễn
    waiting for your support on the topic I was talking about in the chat, can you tell me if the Revolution slide can upload videos instead of slides?
    See screenshots ⇢
    Or give another solution to upload video to homepage

    Thanks Enry

    Support Expired

    ok thanks.Điệp Nguyễn
    just one thing: by inserting the video as indicated in the guide, does the inserted video respect the width and height of the BOX where the slides are currently located?
    Thank you

    Support Expired

    I think I made a mistake, is this section correct?
    See the screenshots!
    I don’t remember if it was there before or if the Slider was inside that section? Can you possibly fix it?

    If I want to hide the slide and just play a video, without using the Slider Revolution component, (with the basic elements present) is it possible to activate the slide in the future?

    I’ve tried embedding video with Revolution, but I don’t really like it, maybe you could insert a 4th slide with the video? Maybe you are better at configuring!
    The sample video is already inside the library.

    Thank you


    I have added the video to the slider position on the homepage, please check again.

    Support Expired

    you were great!
    If I wanted the three slides, which I will then edit into the text, and at the end (the fourth slide) the video you posted, what should I do?

    Thanks for support! Enry


    Oh, it’s a video widget and not a slider widget so you can’t use this widget as a slider.
    To insert it into the slider, please review the instructions above

    Support Expired

    Hi Điệp Nguyễn boss are you okay? The family?

    Could you reactivate the slides on the home page? I apologize for the inconvenience but I don’t know how to connect the slide revolution module.
    If you can also pay attention to the video I set up in the fourth slide, why can’t I get it to play.

    I also need to know how to display only products from a specific category in this section, in my case oils.
    See screenshots ⇢

    Thank you so much for your valuable support

    Support Expired

    Please see the site, because it’s broken! I did absolutely nothing!
    Can you verify?

    Thank you


    I fixed this issue, please recheck your site.

    Support Expired

    Thanks’re great!
    I’m asking you too much if I still steal your precious time to check how masi on video doesn’t start? The fourth slide!

    Thanks again for the support


    I added a video to the slide, please check your website.

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