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    We added but its not working at all. This is the cache from the server side.
    Please see file : wp-content/themes/piizalian-child/style.css and

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    I tried to disable the cache with the .htaccess file, maybe it should be good now ?

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    Then how can I make it work ?


    please backup your website and send it to me at email [email protected] .
    We will make and send you a theme for you to install

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    Maybe I can send you an FTP access, like that you will be allowed to modify it directly ?

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    I tried that in the .htaccess file as well, maybe it help

    ## LITESPEED WP CACHE PLUGIN – Do not edit the contents of this block! ##
    <IfModule LiteSpeed>
    RewriteEngine on
    CacheLookup off
    RewriteRule .* – [E=Cache-Control:no-autoflush]
    RewriteRule \.litespeed_conf\.dat – [F,L]



    I resolved issues #1, #2, #4, please delete all caches and recheck.

    #3. I need you to describe this more clearly.
    This field allows to enter a custom price entered by you and it shows above the sale price as you described right?

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    Thank you !
    Yes exactly, we would like to present a price crossed just above the actual price



    #1. Setup at Piizalian settings: https://ibb.co/vJr9mW7

    #2. Show on front page: https://ibb.co/12FwjDc

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    Thanks for this custom it’s what we need but it doesn’t seems to work on my side, the price isn’t crossed and it doesn’t appears of the product page neither..
    Can you chech please ?

    Thanks !


    Hi again,

    I fixed all issues, please delete all Litespeed caches on your site and recheck.

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    Thank you very much it looks great now !!

    Just a little last thing, we wanted to hide the quickview button on mobile, to just have to click or hover on the item for it to show up. But it seems that there is no more quichview option, can we put it back please ?
    We were just speaking about the little eye which was showing on pictures on mobile even when we didn’t clic on the product, do you understand what I mean ?

    Thanks a lot again

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    And also on the cart page there is still the colissimo thing cut in two, can we make it more readable like that :


    Hi again,

    Please delete all caches on your browser and recheck: https://ibb.co/LhtNKPx

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 91 total)

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