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    Try to delete all caches on LiteSpeed cache and recheck.

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    I did it but the products still don’t add to the cart, that’s weird

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    could you have a look please ? Because that’s not working at all, we can’t put products in the cart with the “select options” it just keeps loading and nothing happen


    Oh sorry, I have just fixed this issue, please recheck again.

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    Thank you very much ! It’s working well now 🙂

    I wonder if there is a way to modify the icon filter and filter by in the shop to have something similar to that : https://ibb.co/vZg23FC

    Also, is it possible to have 2 products per line on mobile ?

    Thank for the help !


    Hi again,

    #1. Our theme doesn’t support this icon, list icon support: https://demo.leebrosus.com/piizalian/icons/

    #2. I fixed this issue, please recheck

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    Hi Leebrosus,

    I hope you are well!

    Everything is working great. It is true that there is a slight latency with the pop-up ”Choose option” but otherwise everything is fine, again thank you for your help!

    We would need some additional information:

    1. How can we change the words ”Choose option” (”Choice of options” in our case) by ”Add to my box”?

    2: We want to reorganize your widget ”Product category” (exemple).
    We would like the products to be displayed in ”grid” on 2 columns without line limit, as on the current page ”Shop” (in mobile version). Indeed, the carousel is not necessarily very intuitive and many of our customers get lost because of it.

    Here is an example of what we want: Grid layout

    Thank you for your help and see you soon.
    Kilian from Louloue


    Ok, I resolved all issues, please recheck

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    Oh nice thanks a lot !

    Small correction, on the mobile version, the button is slightly overflowing. Would it be possible to remove the icon and possibly reduce the font size if this is not enough ?

    Moreover, and I’m really sorry (fucking translator), but I would like to change ”Add to my box” by ”Ajouter à ma box” …

    Thank you for your precious and high level help.


    Ok, I fixed this issue, please recheck.

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    There is still a problem with the button display. Would it be possible, please, to fix it? (remove the cart icon or decrease the font size).
    button display

    Thank you very much


    It looks like you haven’t cleared the browser cache when checking the website.

    Please delete all caches and recheck: https://ibb.co/M56b5dR

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    Hello Leebrosus,

    I hope you are well.

    Our site developed on your template is very beautiful, but is unfortunately very very slow. This is explained (and you warned us) probably by your quick add to cart code via the pop-up. If you remember, we asked you to put it back and to adapt it for the subscription. Now we see that it is impossible to use the site because of the latency and probably because of your quick add to cart code.

    In this sense, can you please tell us how to remove the quick add pop-up and replace it with WC QuickView pop-up?
    While keeping the WC QuickView display when clicking/tapping on the image.

    Also, we have noticed that WC QuickView is weirdly set up on mobile. Can you please tell us how to reduce the unnecessary spaces in order to bring up the photo and text inside the pop-up? :


    Thanks and see you soon!


    Hi again,

    #1. I have shown the quickview button on mobile for you, no need to click or hover on the item for it to show up anymore.
    The purchase button can be edited with the button that links to the product details if you want, if you convert it to a quickview button, it will be the same as the quick view button above.

    #2. Quickview image popup: I fixed this issue, please recheck

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    The Quickview display is good, thank you very much.

    On the other hand, it seems that we didn’t understand each other, or that I misspoke about the quick buy button.

    To put it simply:
    – Our site is very slow
    – It may be related to the specific development we had you do on the quick add to cart
    – how to drastically speed up the loading time of the site and products while keeping the possibility to quickly add products without having to go through the product page (the solution would be to display the pop-up of the QuickView plug-in when you click on “Choice of options”)

    Thanks !

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