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    I am experiencing a lot of problem with the theme. Could you please help me fix everything? I am describing my problems below.Thank you in a advance!

    Home page/Navigation/Footer
    1. Logo in navigation is not showing after uploading an .svg, please help. I have uploaded a .png and it’s working but unfortunately the quality is super bad
    2. Font was changed from Global Fonts from Kabut Hitam to Caveat which supports Cyrillic but in the home page top banner it is not updated, you can see in the Inspect that is shows the text with Kabut Hitam font.
    3. How can I change the default icon which is over every title with ours?
    4. In the footer newsletter form I cannot change the text, where can I do that?
    5. In the footer I have changed the link colors to be white but that’s only visible in edit mode. After I update the page they go back to being green. How can I keep them white?
    6. Is it possible that the slider banner on the top of the home page is just switching between images and not having this zoom out animation for each picture? And can they all have one title, just the pictures to be sliding underneath?

    Gallery page
    1. Why the sorting buttons are only displayed like text and how can I remove those dots which are before every category?

    Translation using WPML
    1. How can I translate the main menu and the footer of the website. As you can see now the English version of the website has a different menu from the Bulgarian (main language for the website)
    2. How to translate the slider banner on the home page?
    3. How to translate the contact forms?

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    Hi again, thank you very much for the fast response, I really appreciate it. I have two more questions though.
    1. On the gallery page the category filter text is still only text and not a filtering button as in the demo – https://preview.themeforest.net/item/moteling-resort-hotel-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/36543705?_ga=2.56950570.1810314323.1671478289-1698487460.1660650978 and I also can’t translate those as they do not appear in the translate page.

    2. How can I translate the slider banner which is in the first section of the Home page, as it also doesn’t appear in the page translation settings.

    Thanks again!

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    3. If we’re on the English version of the website, which is the secondary language and let say I’m not on the Home page so I click on the logo to get back to the Home page and it redirects me to the Bulgarian version of the website … is there a way of fixing this, so depending on the language you’re using at the moment to get redirected to the corresponding Home page.

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    4. How to translate the newsletter sign up form as it is not from the Contact Form 7?

    5. Is is possible to create the input text in contact form to be removed automatically when clicking on the field so the user can directly start typing it’s data? As for now when you click on the input field and start typing, you start to type after the placeholder text ..

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    6. How to change the logo in the footer, as I upload my logo as an .svg it again does not show it ..

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    7. On the gallery page, when you edit with Elementor you can see that there is a blank column over the title and I can’t remove it.. Can you check that as well? And also if you could delete the icon which is on top of the title? Thank you 🙂

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    #3. Ok, I fixed this issue, please recheck.

    #4. Please follow the guide here: https://wpml.org/documentation/related-projects/mailchimp-for-wordpress-multilingual/

    #5. Yes, I fixed this issue.

    #6. You need to set the width image for the svg image so it can display: https://prnt.sc/oHRHA4X5_Y8d

    #7. Ok, I fixed this issue, please recheck.

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    1. I can’t find those texts in the String Translation .. the one from the categories filter over the gallery?

    6. I have uploaded it but it’s too big and if I use lower than 100% the icon is not centred, even though it is set to center align in the properties of the element. How can we fix this?

    7. You have fixed it but only for the main language.. Why is that I should do everything twice and it’s not done automatically on the second language as they are the same page but translated at the end… Is there a way of fixing that? And this is happening everywhere.. that is not a common thing for a WordPress Theme, for example I have updated the slider on the home page for the primary language and you can see that in the secondary language the images are still the stock ones..

    Thanks again.

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    4. I have followed the instructions, translated the form but the translation is not seen in the website. Can you check that as well?


    #1. Only the first word in this widget tab is fixed in the theme so you have to translate it through the WPML plugin, the rest of the text you need to change directly in the Gallery widget.

    #6. You need to set the image size to px instead of %: https://prnt.sc/_962S890o0N5

    #7. You need to edit it before clone to 2nd language. If you fix it after clone to 2nd language, of course you will have to edit it twice!!!

    Note for you: Please complete all customizations for your primary language before proceeding to translate into the 2nd language to avoid having to re-edit in both languages

    #4. I have no experience with this, please contact WPML plugin support for assistance with your issue

    Support Expired

    1. Do you know from where I can change the wording of the automated “All” category? Because in Bulgarian it is translated weird .. and also is not starting with an upper letter.

    7. So now what should I do in order to have my updates in both languages? Do I have to republish the translation or what?

    Thank you very much!



    #1. I fixed this issue, please recheck.

    #7. As mentioned above, you must have a standard primary language website copy and then duplicate it to the second language.
    With edits after duplicate, you will have to update manually for both languages

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