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    Hello, after “one click import”, I cant see all the features as seen in the demo piizalian theme. I can’t set up exactly same as the demo of this theme.


    Hi you,

    I have just imported demo for you, please recheck and let me know if you need to help/

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    Thanks a lot. Now my site looks like piizalian demo. Let me design my website now. If I need more help, will let you know.


    Ok ok, keep contact with us when you need to help.

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    1. Hello, I want to keep some of my existing categories in place of pizza, sandwitches, drinks and desserts under this black section: “CHOOSE YOUR COMBO & ORDER NOW!
    Deliciusness! This is where is happends!” present on the home page.

    I cant understand the code: [hfe_template id=’7590′] so I am unable to create the code for my existing categories.
    Please explain me, how to how to create that code and how to keep my existing categories in that black section of the home page.

    2. Shall I need to create all landing pages in your theme format? Can’t I use my existing pages as these are already indexed.?

    3. Shall I need to create all new categories to use your theme?


    Hi again,

    #1. We use the elementor template shortcode to add tabs.

    Step 1: you have to go to Templates -> Save Templates you will see the sample templates that we have created. Click edit with Elementor to enter the content editing section of this template. After editing, click save to save the template

    Step 2: Go back to the template list -> copy the shortcode of the template just edited above and paste it into the content tab in hompage


    You can also create a new template and add content to this template: https://prnt.sc/1vaajqw
    -> Click Add template: https://prnt.sc/1vaaqhv
    -> Select template and insert this template: https://prnt.sc/1vaat2a

    #2. It’s not necessary, you can edit that page if you want to use it, if you don’t use it, you can delete it.

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    Thank you. I will try it. As we are from India, We use GST instead of VAT. In theme, its showing VAT value for individual product. So, how to replace GST with VAT?


    You can use this plugin: WooCommerce GST Plugin
    or follow guide at How to add GST billing in woocommerce plugin

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    Hi, how to add a url in slider button ” Order Now”


    Hi again,

    On homepage, please click Slider Revolution -> Slider 1: https://prnt.sc/1vtpyl3
    -> Go to page Edit slider 1
    -> Select your slider: https://prnt.sc/1vtq3a2
    -> Click Button Order now -> Edit -> Action: https://prnt.sc/1vtq5gt
    -> Select Simple Link -> Add Link URL: https://prnt.sc/1vtq960

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    Hello, I edited your saved templates and added my required data to these.But, now I am creating new templates liker them in which I cant create vertical columns (where there is a recommended section, text heading, below that one text editor)

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    Hi again,

    Please take a photo screenshot about this issue, I will check and try to help you.

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    Here is the screen shot. Please have a look; https://ibb.co/tPHMMYb

    Here, I am unable to add columns vertically.


    Hi again,

    Please go to the editing section of this template, move your mouse to Inner Section -> Click Copy: https://prnt.sc/1w58u69
    -> Move to the location where you need to add Inner Section -> Click on Inner Section -> Click Paste: https://prnt.sc/1w590w4

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    Hi again, I want to remove the revolution slider from other posts and pages except home page. How to do that?

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