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    I am not sure why but this morning as soon as I wanted to work on the website the contents (shop page and products for sell) were not loading up anywhere on the home page or shops page.

    Can you help on this, please?



    #1. Please delete all caches and recheck.

    #2. Ok, I fixed this issue, please recheck.

    #3. Please test the payment gateway with default theme to make sure it works properly. Then I will check the theme again

    #4. Your Jetpack Boost plugin related settings are conflicting with your theme, so I turned it off:



    Thanks for the help

    – I cleared all the caches, and it still shows view cart and checkout below each other.

    – The product images you just edited the dimension and this is causing the images showing half of the images and that’s not how I wanted it. I want to see the full picture with the original quality but in order. kindly fix this please.

    – I tried with the default theme and woocommerce payment works perfectly fine. It’s from the theme’s end. Kindly fix this please.

    – Lastly, any chance you could do something to boost the website speed?



    – I checked on IOS mobile and didn’t see that problem, I also tried to solve this problem before.
    Please check with another device to make sure there is no cache on the device you are checking

    – The photo you uploaded is not in the same ratio as other photos, to correct the image without cropping, please correct the product’s image to the correct ratio with your previous photos.

    – I enabled test mode with stripe and it still completes the payment.
    + Order received:
    + Payment is successfully notified at stripe’s admin:
    + The order in Woocommerce also confirmed the payment successfully:

    – Refer here:



    Thanks again for the help.

    I never said stripe was the problem, Stripe works totally fine.

    I’m talking about WooCommerce payments, if you go to WooCommerce -> settings -> payments and then WooCommerce payments, I’m talking about that and not stripe. Can you understand my issue now?


    Also all the photos dimensions are 1181*787. All of them are the same. Please kindly could you fix this because the photos quality has been reduced massively and some parts of the pictures are missing after you edited.


    #1. When clicking on Finish Setup -> Link to Stripe connection and Stripe installation:
    All these settings are not theme related and not theme dependent.
    We also don’t have any customization related to Woocommerce payment gateway so there is no reason for error from our theme.

    #2. I changed this size image, please recheck your site.



    just received an email from theme forest that an update has been released. could you please guide me step by step how i can update the theme without loosing any work?


    i did follow the link guide you provided before but i wasn’t able to do it


    Please follow the guide via this video:


    please answer this as well as the one i just psoted.

    The newsletter thing doesnt work here and ive tried looking into MailChimp but nothing happens. can you fix this please



    Thanks for the link.

    I followed the link but when i updated the theme, when i go to the website using a phone or an incognito (so accessing the site without logging to wordpress) it still shows the same old version of the site ( but when i go to the website through editing the pages or going through Appearance -> Customize, the updated theme version shows (version 1.8) (

    Also when accessing it though phone or an incognito, the navbar Browse Categories -> car battery -> by capacity, nothing is shown when putting the cursor on “by capacity”. i have no idea why its like this and id appreciate if you could fix this please? ***This is very important, kindly fix this please***

    Lastly, the product images got unorganized again, id appreciate if you could fix this please and test everything on both mobile and desktop



    #1. Mailchimp:
    Please go to
    -> Add API Key to connect with Mailchimp service.
    Get API Key at here:

    #2. Update theme:

    Your website installs the cache and so if you don’t clear the cache, only when you log in to the admin dashboard will you see the old version, otherwise you only see the old version displayed by the cache.
    Please visit your admin dashboard and clear your website cache to update to the latest version.

    #3. Menu on mobile:
    Do you have any mistake?
    I checked this menu on Iphone and it still shows full submenu:

    #4. Image product:

    Product images on both mobile and desktop are still displaying completely normally.
    If you find a problem, please take a screenshot and send it back to me



    Thanks for your help.

    – I have added the Mailchimp API code now but it still doesn’t work.

    – I cleared the caches through the wp dashboard panel and settings but it doesn’t work.

    – lastly, the images are still the same (


    #1. Mailchimp: I fixed this issue, please recheck:

    #2. You use WordPress hosting so you may have cache from CDN, jetpack cache… so please clear all these caches from your website. Also there may be cache stored on your browser and device, so it can be checked with another device.

    #3. All images are the same size, just what you want, now how do you want it to display?????/

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