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    Thank you so much.


    Ok, don’t forget vote 5 stars for our team.



    Hi Team,

    Please note the final changes for the website.

    1) Nav Bar Drop down to be in “red” color instead of theme color

    2) Remove “Downloads” and “Request Warranty” from the “My Account” Menu

    3) “Billing Details” to Be changed to “Shipping details” and once filled by the customer both Billing and Shipping Details has to be saved.

    4) In Account>My Orders the button text is not visible

    5) Can you please remove the “select options” and just keep “View” button, and by clicking that it opens the product page.

    Thank you


    I have just resolved all issues, please recheck.


    Hi I can’t see any products on the homepage of website.


    I am not able to see any products, it shows empty

    Still there is downloads and request warranty here.



    #1. You need to select the category for Product:

    #2. I removed this item


    1) Still getting options like “Colors” and “size”.

    It should just be “View” and once clicked it goes to the product page in full view.

    2) Can we show this drop down on hover.


    HI again,

    #1. Ok, I fixed this issue but I had to fix js in main theme which means in case you update theme this problem will repeat. So please don’t update the theme if it’s not necessary

    #2. No, if using hover action to show this menu, when you login your account will have problem, login form will not show when you remove hover. So we switched to the action of clicking on the icon.

    We are more than happy to assist you with installation and customization issues that we are supporting on theme like the demo on themeforest.

    Many of your customization issues are beyond our free support. Therefore, if you continue to want to customize the theme with other requirements, we will charge a support fee.
    We hope you understand and sympathize!


    I totally understand your concern and would be happy to bear support fees further to this. I am sure I would want to change a few of the other things on the website in the future and I would prefer paying for the same.

    For now, if these existing issues are solved I can launch my website on the internet. 🙂

    1) I’m glad that you make this through JS, really appreciate the extra effort.
    But currently once I click “view Product” nothing happens! The page doesn’t go to the Product page.

    2) Can you please change and store Billing Details as Shipping Details.

    Thank you



    #1. Please delete all caches on your browser when check your site.
    I double-checked and it worked before letting you know

    #2. As noted above, we’ll charge you for customizations like these.

    Please list all your custom requirements, I will check and custom quote for you


    Well, I have nothing other than this for now.

    Can you please start charging anything further to this as this was already addressed in #3185

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    Hey, Thanks its all good now.

    It would be great if you can give me a discount as I still had the free support part. I understand for a few exceptional changes you deserve a charge, but $50 is a little more for me.

    How about $30 for now.


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