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    I am having trouble with text alignment on my website.
    My Account and Registration as well as checkout part.


    Hi you,

    #1. page checkout: your site conflict with Aapside Master plugin, I deactivated this plugin and it works normally.

    #2. You have added custom css to the theme and these css are the cause of the display error as you reflec.


    oh is it?

    Custom CSS like?


    Can you help me set CSS to

    default Button Colors: “black”

    and when hover color: “red”


    Yes, I fixed this issue, please recheck and let me know if you need to help.


    Most of the button have still default theme color “Golden Brown”.


    Please delete all caches on your browser and recheck:


    Hi @vishal,

    About all your issues, please send via this topic, I will check and try to help you.

    This is a multi-choice product, when you haven’t selected the options, you won’t be able to click the order button and so the order button will be translucent. When you choose all options, this purchase button will be more visible so you can click add to cart:


    No i meant the bottom part, which is SKU and Category, as well as the additional information.


    Yes, I have just resolved this issue, please recheck


    Lastly a few of in few of screens. below is happening can you please optimise this for all screens (Laptop different sizes, mobile and tablet).


    Replying for #3088

    Even after clearing cache


    You need to delete cache by WP Rocket plugin and Fush Cache by Hosting.

    Please recheck all your issues, I fixed theme.


    One thing is missed, maybe due to removing custom CSS.

    In phone, in menu the drop down for Shop is missing.


    replying #3091

    Perfect its fixed.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 78 total)

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