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    Recently we noticed that the font on our homepage slider (SilderRevolution plugin) is no longer reflecting the font styles that are defined by CSS. That is, the homepage slider should use the “paragraph” and “heading” styles that are defined by the Organey theme, but instead are showing standard fonts (presently that is Times New Roman we believe).

    If you visit the URL of our website, you will see that the homepage slider has this standard font, not the Organey defined font.

    Is there anyway to correct this or to work around the issue?


    There seems to be an error in your website, so please send me your web admin account so I can check it out for you: https://prnt.sc/Vf4wSY15QC_S

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    Are you able to tell me what the error is and I can forward that information to my developer?



    Maybe it is conflicting with another plugin on your website or conflicting with a custom js. I need to check the website to know your exact problem

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    So strangely, the font renders properly on Android based devices.

    My developer has suggested that we manually set the font in SliderRevolution. Can you let me know what font family the homepage slider is supposed to have?

    Thank you!


    We use “Poppins” font for text in Revolution Slider plugin.

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    Thank you! The developer was able to update the font manually and it looks right again,.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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