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    Hi, how are you?

    We have two sites with organey theme + Slider Revolution. On the first site, the slider exhibition mobile its ok. The Second site have the same Slider revolution settings from first site, but the mobile exhibition is cropped.

    We have set widht 800px and weight 500px, but on mobile exhibition the widht is smaller than 800px.

    First site (not cropped):
    Second site:
    Layout settings rev slider:

    * Video that demonstrates the correct width at the beginning of the load, however, after a few seconds the image is cropped (low fps, sorry)

    There is something on elementor or in the theme that reduce the width on mobile slider?

    Thank You!
    Kind Regards


    I have resized it on mobile for you to see the best image, please recheck.

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    Thank you for your answer, but we continue with the problem.
    On desktop chrome mobile view and smartphone chrome browser.

    Smartphone browser:

    we already clean the site cache and try to open on incognito mode.

    Thank you!


    I have just fixed this issue, please recheck

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    Thanks for the answer. It has indeed improved but the image is still cropped. We added the same banner as so you can have another parameter (Third slide).

    On it is correct.
    Could you check again?

    If I need to make any corrections, please let us know.



    HI again,

    The image size in the 2 sliders is not the same, your image has a rather large length/width ratio. On mobile devices, so that the image is not cropped, the image height will have to be reduced, then the slider image will be quite small. I adjusted the photo to be the most appropriate size possible.

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    I apologize for still not understanding the problem and keep asking. Please kindly explain it to me again.

    I don’t understand why if we have two sites, with the same theme, the same slider plugin, the same slide settings and the same image dimensions on both sites, the image display is different.

    I saw that an image was 801×498. I resized it to 800px width x 500px height. Therefore, it is the same as the site (organey theme + Rev Slider).

    OBS: I changed to 800×500 on Rev Slider again (same on

    Next I will send you the login of the first site so that you can check what is different and then apply it to

    Thank You!

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    I tried importing the slider from that website to yours, but the image is still cropped. Maybe we lost the config or because a certain plugin has resized the image on the mobile screen.
    I tried to resize the slider display on mobile so that it doesn’t affect much when cropped, I think it’s fine:

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