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    Recently we have noticed some issues with Revolution Slider, wondering if it needs an update?

    The slider works normally until the last slide (#5 of 5), which shows up as “blank” (i.e. the background image does not load), and then it gets stuck and hangs, not proceeding to the next slide.

    The issue started with all of the slides showing up as blank, and I was able to fix it by disabling “lazy loading” of images in the Jetpack plugin. However, the above issue persists and I’m not sure how to fix it.

    Is there something obvious that I am missing?

    Support Expired

    I should add that I am also having issues loading Elementor editor. It gets stuck on the “loading” screen, hanging indefinitely. I am wondering if there are some caching issues? Is this something that my host can troubleshoot or is it an issue with the theme itself?

    This all started within the last week or so.

    Thank you!


    Hi you,

    Your account expired support, please renew to get your support.

    Link guide renew account: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207886473-Extending-and-Renewing-Item-Support
    After renew on Themeforest, please login to forum and Renew account: https://prnt.sc/0YvM6ozxVJVZ

    We will return support when your account completes renewing account

    Support Expired

    We purchased extended support until 08 Nov 2022 through Evnato 😄


    Please send the Purchase code for me and the Admin web account for me, I will check and try to help you.

    Support Expired

    Thank you! I will get that information for you 😄

    We have a few issues that we could use support for. Is there a possibility to go through them all and have you do support at one time? We would very much appreciate it!


    We will support theme related issues and to the extent possible. For other custom matters we will charge for your request

    Support Expired
    This reply has been marked as private.
    Support Expired

    Thank you! Here is the extended support confirmation (we took a screenshot of the Downloads page on ThemeForest).

    Support license

    I will also send an admin account in a private reply.

    We have the following issues the we hope you can remedy:

    1. The homepage slider is not working properly. The web developer had to disable “lazy loading” of images through JetPack, because otherwise none of the slides would load, but even with that disabled, the last slide does not work, and then the slider gets “stuck” and you have to refresh the page for it to work again.

    2. Elementor does not load. When we try to edit a page in Elementor, it just hangs on “loading” and never loads. We suspect it has to do with the lazy loading issue.

    3. When viewing a product page on an Apple device with Apple Pay, the page does not render correctly and there are issues with text overflow. It should say “Add to Cart -OR- Pay with Apple Pay”. The issue is shown in this screenshot:

    Apple pay artifact

    Thank you in advance for the help! I hope that you can help us resolve some of these last few issues 😄



    #1. Please provide your purchase code so we can update your account

    #2. I need a full admin account, not a normal user account, this is pointless and doesn’t solve your problem.

    Support Expired
    This reply has been marked as private.

    I have logged in again, but the account is still a normal user: https://prnt.sc/ogdtXB6454ha
    Please double check before informing me, we are taking too long on this issue

    Support Expired

    Thank you for letting me know! My apologies, but the in-house developer we use was not setting the user role correctly, and so he was modifying the user role capabilities but this account was still listed as a “customer”.

    He assured me you should have access now. Can you please confirm?

    Again, apologies for the confusion.

    Support Expired

    Hello again,

    A quick update, we were able to fix issues #1 and #2. It was an issue with our hosting provider and their caching service. All is working again with those, so thank you for taking the time to consider those problems for us!

    We are still having the issue with ApplePay not showing in the product page (issue #3 I listed above).

    Can you look and see if there is something that can be done to have ApplePay correctly displayed?

    Thank you again! We appreciate the support!



    I can’t test this in my browser, it doesn’t show Apple pay: https://prnt.sc/pxwSn2_cR5kx

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