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    Would you be so kind and check this page: https://www.vitalgo.si/proteini-beljakovine

    Do you maybe know how we could achieve to show only specific product categories (in sidebar) depending which product category the visitor is looking at.


    1. https://www.vitalgo.si/proteini-beljakovine/goveje-beljakovine

    The product subcategory “Goveje beljakovine” belongs under “Športna prehrana” (this is actually a page, not a product category), meaning here we would only want to show these product (sub)categories in the sidebar:

    – Proteini / Beljakovine
    — Sirotka – izolati in hidrolizati
    — Sirotka – koncentrati
    — Goveje beljakovine
    — …
    – Aminokisline
    — BCA
    — …
    – Energija pred vadbo

    – Zajtrk / Obrok
    – Vegansko
    — Veganske ploščice
    — Veganski proteini
    — Veganski minerali

    2. https://www.vitalgo.si/oblacila/nogavice

    This belongs under “Športna oprema”, so here we would only like to show:

    – Oblačila
    — Dresi
    — Kape
    — Nogavice
    – Športni pripomočki
    — Bidoni in shakerji

    And the same goes for “Prehrana” and “Drogerija”. Please check the main menu to see what I mean (which product categories to show on specific product archive/category pages).

    If you have any tip on how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and have a nice day,



    Please add custom CSS to customize CSS or file style.css ( child-theme):

    ul.product-categories li.cat-item, .widget_product_categories li.cat-parent > i, .widget_product_categories ul.product-categories > li > ul:before{
    display: none;
    ul.product-categories li.cat-item.current-cat, ul.product-categories li.cat-item.current-cat-parent li.cat-item{
    display: block;
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