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    Support Expired

    Hi thank you for your update

    1. i have already updated social media links these links are working in normal header, when it is going to sticky header , links not working

    2. i have sort it out already

    3. is there any documentation for update this theme ?

    Support Expired

    hi thank you for your update

    1. already links are there but it is only working in normal header , when it is going to stiky header links are not working

    2. i have already sort out this issue

    3. is there any documentation for update this theme

    4. and we are getting small white space in bottom in mobile version


    #1. Ok, I fixed this issue, please recheck.

    #3. Please follow the guide at here:

    #4. Ok, I fixed this issue.

    Support Expired

    Hi thank you for your updated,

    for 4th one you have enabled shop my account buttons on footer area we dont need those section, just i want to remove white space from footer in mobile version thank you

    Support Expired

    done i have removed entire section thank you

    Support Expired

    and one more issue in mobile version the product readmore button dimension’s not in alignment for allproducts please check the attached file thank you




    I fixed this issue, please recheck your site.

    Support Expired

    Hi i have checked site speed it is loading very slow so i have asked out hosting providers they said the issue is coming from your theme side ?

    i got bellow reply from server side: please check it thank you

    These all factors are contributing to the website being slow. The website’s speed does depend on the type of server but it more depends on the website’s optimization.

    Website optimization is purely related to Website Development.

    As of now, you have these options in order to improve the Website Speed:

    Give it a go yourself, by following the instructions and articles that I’ve sent to you.
    Find a Website Developer from or any other Freelancer Agency, and hire them to help you fix performance issues.
    If the steps above don’t seem like a solution – we can help you as well!
    For a fair price of 60USD per website, our technical team professionals can take care of your websites’ performance! The process would take up to 3 business days.



    I have tested your website along with speed test on speed test toolbars like google check speed, Gtmetrix. Here are the issues you need to deal with:

    1. You install quite a few plugins related to Elementor as well as other plugins: This can cause conflicts or load too many js and css files during site loading.
    I have disabled unnecessary plugins, please check again to make sure unnecessary plugins are completely disabled.

    2. Both the google check speed and GTmetrix testing tools show that the images on your website are too large. So you need to optimize these images to reduce the size of these images:

    3. Use html css and cache optimization plugin like Wp Rocket or Litespeed.
    I see you have Litespeed plugin installed but not css, html compression installed. I have reinstalled for you, please check

    Support Expired

    ohh our entire site collapsed now , menu not working some other pages content loss

    Support Expired

    we loss footer data also , did you taken any backup before doing this things ?

    Support Expired

    i have reset my site again, ok i will find out solution for speed optimization



    The problem may be caused by the cache not being cleared or reloaded. You need to clear all cache from Litespeed and re-render the CSS.

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