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    I have lot CSS files are called in home page most of them are not required and also some web icons are working so there has lot of chaos in loading CSS and icons files in each page. I have asked developer he said this was already defined when the theme was installed. Please advise and remove unnecessary files from CSS please. This is creating lot of issue in loading website. I am not able to load 2nd page of shop page – https://lacasalife.co.nz/shop/

    If you will refresh the page it will load the products.

    I want to setup the fixed size for the product featured images listed in shop page – I have seen previous post according to that I have disabled the plugin and tried to make fixed – Height and width be 1:1 and fixed 700Px so when client will upload future images it will not low quality.

    Support Expired

    Sharing in Social media is not working properly – For eg – When I am sharing the product in linkedin – Image is not displayed properly.


    Hi you,

    #1. The css on the website includes the CSS from the wordpress core, the css from the plugins installed on the website, and the css from the theme we call.

    You can only delete unnecessary plugins to remove the css load from this plugin, some other css cannot be deleted because it may directly affect the website.
    To optimize these css, you need to install the plugin to cache and compress these css to reduce the file size and collect it into a single css file.

    #2. Your site conflict with Advanced AJAX Product Filters for WooCommerce plugin, I deactivated this plugin and It’s back to normal.

    #3. Ok, I resolved this issue, please recheck.

    #4. Please install Yoast SEO plugin to fix this issue.

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    Support Expired

    #3. Ok, I resolved this issue, please recheck.

    Did you add some code in CSS ? If yes, please provide the code if we will update the theme, will it affect?

    #5 Web icons? I have sent you image in email. If you can check why is not loading arrows?

    #6 Can you please provide info. Where I can change universal golden color as it’s not related to logo. So need to colors for links or else I need to change in each module – Is it possible for you?

    #7 sometimes I am not able to see description in edit product page (Short Description). Please check if there is any conflict, Thanks.

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    #3/ I just resized the image for you like you did

    #5/ Web Icon: This error is caused by the plugin UberMenu 3 – The Ultimate WordPress Mega Menu override elementor’s default icon font

    #6/ Please follow guide at https://leebrosusthemes.gitbook.io/kosi/setting/color

    #7/ Please follow up and take a screenshot when this issue occurs, I see it’s still working properly now

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