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    Support Expired

    buenos dias, necesito lo siguiente:

    1) Que el buscador de producto Incluya la busqueda por SKU
    2) Que en la tienda y en el producto muestre el SKU de producto
    3) Que el widget de categoria muestre categoria principal y sub categorias (a mi me aparece si paso por las categorias un signo para precionar y desplegar) pero los clientes no se dan cuenta de eso.
    4) Que el Carrito sea mas ancho porque se corta la informacion
    5) Instale el plugin WPC Insignia de Gestión para WooCommerce porque necesito informacion adicional y no logro se muestre en el thema quidas hay un problema de incompatibilidad.

    Estoy muy contento con el thema, pero me lleva a tener que poner muchos codigos e instalar varios plugin adicionales para que funcione con la informacion estandar. Por favor ustedes me pueden ayudar con esos puntos?


    1. You can use this plugin: https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/ajax-search-for-woocommerce/

    2. I see you have displayed the SKU on the shop page

    3. Please add this custom CSS to the file style.css or Customize CSS:

    ul.product-categories li.cat-item i.normann-icon-plus-square:before {
        content: '\e008';
    ul.product-categories li.cat-item .normann-icon-minus-square:before {
        content: "\e00b";

    4. Please take a screenshot and let me know where the cart location you are talking about.

    5. Can you send the plugin link, I can’t translate your language

    Support Expired

    Good morning. I’m still having serious problems configuring this theme.
    And also it marks me update, I update it and it continues marking update.
    I installed the plugin to search by sku as indicated and it does not integrate into the icon bar on the upper right margin of the theme. and that is important to us.
    Also, when I open a product I want the sku to be read and it is not read. I could only manage to put it in the catalog store but not on the individual archive page.
    I’m installing millions of additional plugins to make this theme work. Can you help me or do I need to get my money back? please i need to solve it.
    The shop is untidy with the theme of the left widge categories. when one marks things overlap. please help!


    I see you don’t seem to be satisfied with our theme, you rate 3* on themeforest, in addition, you also requested customizations that are not available in the theme….
    It’s best to ask for a refund to use another theme, we shouldn’t waste too much of each other’s time!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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