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    Hello, I am the programmer that work on

    I created a new subdomain to test your theme with the big update:, because on my site is oldest version: 1.8.

    After I update the theme I find some problems:

    1. I want to resize images from product-category page. For example, in this page:, I want all products to be the same on the row: (the last product has a shorter picture). For these I try just to set from Appearance-> Customize-> Woocommerce-> Product Image, Custom option with 4:6 aspect ratio and a specific value for Thumbnail width and Main image width, but the changes doesn’t save. If I open the Customize option again, I see the old settings.
    2. I want to keep the megamenu on my site and I see that I can’t do this after the update.
    3. I try to change the Testimonial and Partner row from Home1 demo import but I can’t do this, in Elementor edit page I don’t see this information. I see just the empty rows.
    4. In produsct single page, the gallery images for product aren’t ok. Full images are displayed.
    5. In this page: I want to open the product page if you click on the image, is it possible?
    6. I don’t find theme options.
    7. How can I change the main color on my site?
    8. How can I set which footer / header / popup etc. to appear on the site?
    9. How to make the menu sticky?
    10. How to keep the same header from desktop on the mobile?

    Can you help me please?


    Hi you,

    #1,2,3,4: Ok, I fixed all issues

    #5. You will need to customize the code, We don’t have custom built in theme.

    #6.->10: Please follow guide at

    Support Expired
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    Hi again,

    #1. Set the banner in category product page: please go to Edit category -> Add shortcode or html code to Description field:

    #2. Our theme don’t support Mega menu, you can use this plugin:

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