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    I can’t seem to find a solution for the following problem. Maybe something is interfering. When I’m in the Dutch version of the site everything seems to be allright. For instance a product is €29,- it will stay €29 from putting it into the basket till to the checkout page. It will stay €29,- calculate the shipping costs over it and calculates the taxes within the current pricing.

    When in another language German for instance for some reason he will calculate everything good, the taxes and mail costs but it will change the price to 28,34. Something weird like that.

    The problem is showing up when you change the shipping location. Suddenly it will mess up the prices for every country except The Netherlands.

    The pricing on the site should be fixed for every location. So Ostria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium; everythy product shoud keep the price as it is set for in The Netherlands.

    I hope you know where this is going wrong. Looking forward to the answer as I have spent lots of hours trying to locate it.

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    Hi you,

    I have tried to check the problem as you said but it is working fine, can you take a screen video of the problem you are having and send it to me?

    Support Expired


    If you watch the video you will see that at the end when I fill in the order details. When I change to sending location germany it will change the price of the Kutus Kutus product. It does this with all the products on the site. Dutch everything is steady but change location for shipment and at that moment it will give everybody an Euro discount.

    I hope this makes more clear what the problem is. We keep in touch. Thank you for your effort.

    Mobile Screen recording


    Hi again,

    Please check tax issues, convert currency to currency, or contact the WPML plugin author for further assistance

    Support Expired

    There was no problem with different currencies.I do have a problem now with getting in my site. I can’t even enter the server anymore. Did you by any chance install a plugin. If yes, which one?


    I didn’t edit or install any plugins on your website, I just tested the problem you mentioned.

    If need help with this please send me your cpanel account, I will check for you

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