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    Hello Team

    Can you please check why these issues are coming? I am not able to find any option to solve them.

    1. Home Page – Best Sellers Products section not showing product pricing properly. Only one product pricing is visible and the rest are not visible. Please check.

    2. Shop Page – Shop page or Shop By Products page – Pricing is not visible for all products and also in the last pagination overlapping with pricing. Please check.

    3. All Pages – Whenever I click on language change it will redirect to a 404 error page and even the custom header went away after that. Check this video for detail.

    I am sending access detail of the under-development site.

    Please check and let me know in detail about the issue and its solution.



    #1,2. I fixed all issues, please recheck.

    #3. Looks like the problem has been solved



    Thanks for solving #1 and #2.

    #3 is still not solved. You can see the video again for detail. Whenever I hover and select HINDI as a second language it gives a 404 page and the header menu is destroyed.




    Your pages translated into the Hindi language are in Draft form, so if you are not logged into your admin account, you will not see these pages:



    I published the pages of the draft in the Hindi Language, but still, the header section changes on language change mean completely disturbed.

    This is when English is selected:
    This is disturbed just after the language Hindi clicked :

    Even the footer went away in the Hindi language.

    Can you please check and guide me on this?

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