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    Hi there,
    Anyone who visits my website and wants to buy a book should have a good idea about that book. That’s why if the customer clicks on a product or book image, some content about that book will pop up on the screen as a PDF. It is known on the internet as ‘look inside’ and ‘take a little read’. And that’s what I want.

    Now please suggest me an excellent solution to this matter.



    You can use the custom fields plugin to add a custom field that allows you to add links or your pdf file, then call this data field in the single product page.

    Support Expired

    Ok… but is it a pop-up opener? And please provide me the ‘custom fields’ plugin link.


    No, it just gives you a field to enter the link or a field to upload a file.
    You will then have to use code to customize its display.
    If you can’t customize it yourself, I can assist you but you have to pay extra for this request.

    Support Expired

    how much do you want for this?

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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