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    hello based on the link https://almanakhparts.ae/products/

    You can see there are many products and a simple image. My clients says he want whenever someone click the image the image just grow big like take the full screen. he does not want slider just a lightbox or a image overlay when clicking the image. Is it possible with Brands section of the theme? Because I am using Brands block on this page. I can see the link option there but do i need to add image link from WP gallery to each brand box?

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    Support Expired

    Dear Supporter

    thanks for your reply. But I guess this is not the right solution. on clicking this products I dont want the visitor to see the product category link. I just wanted the image to appear in a lightbox. I guess i have achieved it

    I simply on link give the image itself so on clicking each product its image thumbnail opens in a lightbox



    Do you mean when pop up image is enabled, it will have to display large size image, full screen?
    The image you uploaded is small in size 300x400px, so when you turn on the popup it only displays a maximum size of 300x400px.
    You need to upload a larger image if you want to enable the larger image popup.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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