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    How do I change my site layouts to your examples?
    When going through the wizard, I can choose the homepage. But cannot choose Shop layouts, Blog Layouts and product layouts.

    I also cannot see anything in the tutorial for changing these pages.
    Where are the templates for these layouts?




    Customizations related to shop layout, blog layout and product layout are displayed in customize:
    Please go to Admin dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize:
    -> Woocommerce -> Archive with shop layout
    -> Woocommerce -> Product with product layout
    -> Blog -> with blog page

    Support Expired

    Thanks for the reply. Although this is what I see in Customise – Woocommerce. I cannot see those options in the list?

    Customize page

    Support Expired
    Support Expired

    Hello, Just a follow up to this. How do I get the “Additional Information” tab on the single product page? Mine only shows description.
    Is there another plugin I need?!Apb9JcmuQOVVlDRvGVRUK7DceP2I?e=xQf0lN

    Support Expired

    Just replying to my own answer, these are the Custom Attributes of the product.
    I have another query though… Am I able to remove the: ” – Or – ” between the product number picker and the add to cart button?!Apb9JcmuQOVVlDcblRpe_ikN47Jp?e=QJqckG


    Hi again,

    #1. Additional Information:

    Please go to edit product -> Attributes -> Add attribute:

    #2. Please add this custom CSS code to file style.css ( child-theme):

    .single-product div.product form.cart{
    display: block !important;
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