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    Support Expired

    First of all I send greetings

    I have bought this template and I have found some problems and I would like to know how they can be solved.

    I am working the template locally.

    1. Issue file theme are out of update.

    2. My account address does not appear and whishlist icon no show it.

    3. Some cron jobs of the installation tool are still working after of demo installation.

    4. On Appearance the title of search by category disappears if the name is changed.

    Thanks for you support.

    Best Regards



    #1. This is just a notice to update the override file in the theme, not a serious problem, we will update in the next version.

    #2. This error is caused by an error in the translation of the Woocommerce plugin, please install the Loco translate plugin, -> translate the Woocommerce plugin -> search text address and add translate.

    #3. That’s right, Woocommerce cronjobs are still running, this is completely normal.

    #4. Please take a screenshot of this problem

    Support Expired


    Thanks for your response and support.

    Here is the image.

    menu issue

    And also in this link I included a pdf with the information that I commented in case it helps you.

    Kind regards


    You mean this menu item is not displayed:
    1. Please go to Admin dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus -> Select Browse Categories Menu and edit this menu:
    2. Go to edit header with Elementor:
    -> Edit widget RBpazt Vertical Menu -> Select Menu Browse Categories:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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