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    Support Expired


    We have been heavily customizing this theme package, but there are a few additional things I need to fix, and I hope you can help 😄

    1. How do we edit the background image that appears in the header of all pages (except the homepage), just below the top menu? (It is green, with a person holding a shopping bag full of produce on the left side, and an arrangement of fresh produce on the right side).

    2. Is there a way to hide this background image all together on certain pages, just like it is hidden on the homepage?

    3. In “Customize”, I cannot set the Woocommerce Product Images thumbnail size. Whenever I try to change this setting, it always reverts back to “0” (zero) once I hit publish. How can I change the thumbnail size so that they are all uniform dimensions?

    4. The Revolution Slider that appears on the homepage is cutoff at the top by the main menu when viewing the website on a phone. I have tried to change font size and hide elements so that less is showing, but it still does not display properly. How do I fix this?

    5. How do I remove “related posts” that appear within the description box on product pages?

    Thank you!

    Support Expired

    Quick update: I was able to solve issue #5 😄 The “related posts” option has be disabled. Yay!


    Hi there,

    #1. Change header background image: Please go to Admin dashboard -> Appearance -> Breadcrumbs -> Edit with Elementor: https://ibb.co/fHxPbq0
    -> Edit Section -> Tab Style -> Change image background: https://ibb.co/V2WGbDt

    #2. Please go to Admin dashboard -> Appearance -> Breadcrumbs -> Edit: https://ibb.co/sgcZspQ
    -> Add page to Do Not Display On: https://ibb.co/fqtbdrZ

    #3. This config is in conflict with the Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin, so you need to deactivate this plugin before editing the settings. After editing, please reactivate this plugin

    #4. I need to check this issue, please send Admin web account for me.

    Support Expired

    Thank you for the reply! Your team’s support has been amazing, very clear and very fast responses, much much appreciated.

    I think all of my issues have been resolved, including #4; I was able to ascertain that this is an issue with the size of the logo image, once I resized it, Slider Revolution is now displaying correctly. We are just waiting for an updated version of the logo from our graphic designer, but should I run into any issues, I will reach out again.

    Thank you kindly!


    Happy to help you.

    Let me know if you need to help and hope you will vote 5 stars for our team.

    Thanks and have a nice weekend.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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