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    Support Expired

    We have a couple of minor issues as we get ready to release.

    1. We can not edit the “shop” page – the store that uses this theme. Should we be able to edit that?
    2. We would like each product picture not to show the category, only the part number. Can we remove that?
    3. On the mobile side, when you click on filters, you can not see the + to expand the category ( I assume it’s white but I am not sure where to change that color or how to change that background to black, so the white + appears.
    4. We do not want to use the mobile menu at the bottom of the page. We have created a side menu instead. Can we remove that?

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    Support Expired

    Why yo mark as private the response? I have the same problem


    Hi @dcraba,

    My answer is related to customer information, so it cannot be made public!

    Please create a new ticket and submit a support request for assistance with your issue

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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