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    Here is the domain link I uploaded to the theme. https://davidmunozmedia.com/shopstix/
    Im facing this issue with this theme a second time.
    I uploaded the theme and imported all data successfully, and once Im start doing some edits (Minors like images, colors, etc) the theme started showing a critical error only for the home page and did not allow me to open the home page with elementor (can open all other pages with elementor), even I did not install any additional plugin just using plugins comes with the theme
    If you open the above link you will see the broken home page. Can you kindly sort this issue with the theme? as its taking too much time, even though it should not do so?



    #1. Currently your website is using PHP version 8.1.9, this version is not compatible with themes and plugins, so when using it, it will cause errors.

    I checked and found that the Menu Image plugin you installed is conflicting and giving a fatal error: https://prnt.sc/2aQ1SdX6kX2V

    For the time being, I have disabled this plugin so that your website can work.

    However, in order for the website not to have many problems when you install more plugins, please downgrade your PHP version to 7.4

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    So site is working fine now, but I have a question you want me to run this theme with PHP 7.4 version (in case I want to add more plugins) right?

    And if I do not add any extra plugins I can run the site with the latest version of PHP right?



    Some plugins are still not compatible with PHP 8, such as the Menu Image plugin that you use, so if you want to use other plugins without the problem as seen, you should limit the PHP version to 7.4
    Currently your website is still running PHP 8 version, there are some small errors that I have temporarily hidden so as not to affect the website.

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    Hi, once again.
    This theme is creating issues, again and again, we invested a lot of time in building our site and now do not want to deal with these theme issues.

    I added some additional plugins to my site (that are compulsory for our business). First, the site was working perfectly fine now my WordPress dashboard shows that “our theme (Organey Child) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.” Please check this and make this theme updated and functional so I not need to deal with such theme issues and I will not feel like I am using a nulled and free theme.

    Website link: https://www.shopstix.de/

    Looking forward to solving this soon.



    I updated this file, please recheck your site.

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    But can you confirm that I will not face this issue again?



    This depends on the Woocommerce plugin, when this update updates the template files, we will have a plan to update these files, but this is not a serious problem for you to worry about.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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