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    1. On my site why is the logo so small on mobile version?

    2. Where do I edit the 404 page? I checked the manual but it doesn’t say.

    3. Can we update the regular Elementor plugin (not Pro plugin)? Will you occasionally supply Elementor Pro updates as part of theme updates?


    Hi there,

    #1. I fixed this issue, to edit logo image size, please go to edit header with Elementor -> select Mobile mode -> Click Image and edit size image

    #2. To edit 404 page, please go to page Edit 404 page with elementor

    #3. To update Elementor Pro plugin, please deactivate this plugin -> delete it then re-install plugin via notice This theme requires.
    I have just updated the latest version plugin for you

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    Thank you for the answers and letting me know how to fix them.

    At the top of my header I have email and phone #. Why don’t they show up on mobile version?


    Ok, I have just enabled email + phone on the mobile version. Please recheck

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    Thank you. So it had to be “enabled”? How?


    Please edit Header with Elementor -> Click edit Email + phone Section -> Disable Hide on Tablet + Mobile:

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    Thanks for all your help.


    Ok, Let me know if you need to help and don’t forget vote 5 stars for our team.


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    Where do I leave my support rating?


    To vote go to then follow that link :
    Thanks and have a nice day!

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    When Google tries to crawl my new site it keeps sending me a message for the homepage saying “Error. Page indexed without content”. I’ve tried resubmitting for indexing and get the same error. Is there something with the Elementor code that is blocking Google or making it think there is no content on the homepage?

    This is what it says can cause the error:

    Indexed without content
    Google has indexed these URLs, but Google couldn’t find any content on them. Possible reasons for this could be:

    – Cloaking(opens in a new tab)
    – Google couldn’t render the page, because they were blocked and received a HTTP status code 403 for example.
    – The content is in a format Google doesn’t index
    – An empty page was published.

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    Can someone answer this??? I REALLY need to find out what is blocking Google from reading the site code.


    Hi again,

    I think the problem is not with Elementor plugin, maybe it conflict with another plugin which prevented from reading data from google.
    Try disabling All In One WP Security plugin, Limit Login Attempts Reloaded, and recheck SSL on your website

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