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    The web page that is being modified with its theme, Kosi Child Version: 1.0.7 (Kosi Version: 1.0.7)
    I bought your theme on Envato, but it has things that I do not know how to change, it does not know the files are or it simply has errors. I detail to you what problems and issues on the subject are:

    *** In the responsive, phone, the logo is not shown, and I don’t know how to show it, I think it is an error of the theme.

    *** In section of the web MY ACCOUNT (Image 1 (MY ACCOUNT)):
    1.- Could the favorites section be added below the “orders” section? show in left box
    2.- In ORDERS, the colors of the buttons, as well as the text, are not seen as they are the same color of the text and buttons, I have to change them, but we do not know the file to modify, please, could you tell us where to change the colors of this section?
    You also have to align the table, they are not displayed in a single line, it makes a line break down. 1 line in the table per product shown in my orders.

    *** In section of the web STORE AND STORE CATEGORIES (Image 2 (SHOP PRODUCTS)):
    1.- In the categories widget, we cannot show the subcategories as a drop-down of the parent category, (Image 2 example (SHOP PRODUCTS)) in order to show the subcategories that are in each parent category.
    2.- If you see at the top of the store page, we want to be able to edit the amount of products that are shown per page, we have installed a plug-in temporarily, but both are shown, the SHOW of your theme, and the plug-ins. We need to be able to edit the quantities of products to be displayed on the page, manually, please tell me where we can modify that value, we cannot find the section of the page where we can do it.
    3.- In the store or categories page, in some products there is a box with units, but we do not understand why some products do and others do not. We don’t want that to show up in any of them. We also want to hide the Buy icon in all the products on the store page, where the list of the products we have on the web appears.

    *** CART / PAYMENT PAGE (Image 3 (CART)) AND (Image 4 (PAYMENT PAGE)).
    1.- Eliminate points from the table. Disqualify the entire line of purchase details.
    2.- Adjust the detail line of the cart, prices. It should only show one line per displayed detail. It is displayed incorrectly on responsive and computer.
    3.- When a customer selects a payment method, he stops showing all payment methods in the next order, with the inconvenience for our sales. Please, we need all forms of payment to always be displayed.
    4.- At the bottom, there is a box that contains the blue color, we should not have anything blue, please tell us where to change that color to show it with the corporate color of the web (Image 4 (PAYMENT PAGE)).

    *** (Image 5 (inspector))
    The web has been optimized to go faster, but we need to know if it can be optimized more on your part, since it has been scanned and tells me that there are pages of the purchased theme, which can be optimized more, and that, in our opinion It is up to you, because it is slow. https://wordpress.inspector.io/
    *** Also, it is very important for us to know where the files that are modified are located, to insert in the child theme, because if there was an update to the theme, we would not want to have the same customization problem that we detail in this email .
    *** We have to modify the widgets, but we know where to find them in your theme, could you please tell us where they are located?

    Without further ado, thank you very much

    Waiting as soon as possible, reply from you

    Rachel Belmonte


    Hi you,

    #1. Section MY ACCOUNT:
    1. Please follow guide at https://rudrastyh.com/woocommerce/my-account-menu.html
    2. I fixed all issues on my account page.

    #2. Section SHOP PRODUCTS:
    1. We don’t support dropdown for subcategories, can only display parent – child for this list. If you want to display the dropdown, you need to customize it with js
    2, 3. Ok, I resolved this issue.

    1,2: Ok, I fixed this issue
    3. This is woocommerce’s default customization, we can’t interfere

    #4. inspector:

    Website speed also depends on processing speed from your hosting, optimizations from your website such as images, cache compression, css compression, html.

    We can re-optimize your website for you, but there is a fee for this request.

    All the customizations I’ve made into the child-theme for you to make sure you won’t lose any code when updating the main theme


    Thank you very much for everything, but I still don’t know where to change things and I don’t want to bother you anymore.


    Several things have remained, I inform you of it:
    *** Cart page (Image 3-1 Responsive (CART))
    1.- Now it shows duplicate in the responsive, Telephone, the values of:
    Subtotal, Shipping, VAT, Total, …
    Please remove the wrong one.

    *** on the payment page (Image 4-1 (PAYMENT PAGE)) and (Image 4-1 Responsive (PAYMENT PAGE))
    1.- It is not visible in that color, please show the white in the letters that are not visible.
    2.- It does not show the logo on any page in the responsive, I cannot place it so that it is displayed in the responsive.

    Thank you and I hope I don’t have to bother you anymore, you are very attentive and fast. We will repeat purchases of themes with you.

    If you could inform me which files are the ones you touch to be able to make color changes, I would be very grateful.


    Hi again,

    You don’t need to overwrite all the css and js from the main theme, this is not necessary.
    Just add custom css to the style.css file: https://ibb.co/68qhJrh

    I have just fixed all issues, please delete all caches and recheck.

    All the customizations I have added to the style.css file (child-theme) for you, when you update the main theme this custom css will not be lost.

    Thank you for trusting and supporting our team, we will always try to have better products to serve our customers.

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