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    having big issues when displaying the theme on mobile; big gaps between the header and the content; the mobile version is not as I set it up on Elementor, and is scrambled up. If I modify the mobile version in Elementor, brokes the computer version, and viceversa.

    Cannot modify the bottom menu, the menu for the mobile version.. unable to find the 4 options in Elementor, besides the color.. need to modify in my own language and add my own options.

    Thank you and really appreciate your support and patience.
    Best regards.

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    Thank you so much for your kind support and fast reply. Now is a lot better; deactivated the whole mobile menu, as Elementor does not allow to change the name and the icons though.

    Looks a lot better not, almost perfect.. will try to figure out how to modify the layout in the mobile version without breaking the computer layout.

    Big thanks!!

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    Ok, let me know if you need to help.

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    Hi there,

    still not able to find a solution not to break the web version, modifying the mobile one.. I mean with the header & the footer.
    Could you please help?

    Thank you and best regards!


    Previously I customized the header for you on mobile; https://prnt.sc/RP8pkbYz4MtZ
    If you need to customize the header + footer further on mobile, you will have to pay a customization fee.

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    thank you for the reply; please give me the costs of the customization, but the most important problem is the issue regarding the add-ons; please tell me how much do you want in order for me to have an addon menu with options that can be mandatory or not;

    – pizza sizes (S/M/L/XL) – mandatory

    – pizza toppings prices according to the pizza size selected – optional; need only the options for the selected sizes; if a customer selects M size, need to have only the topping prices for this size: price for mozzarella M, bacon M, mushrooms M etc., but once again, these needs to be optional, as they are optional toppings;

    – pizza crust – mandatory: stuffed crust, thin crust;

    – pizza crust filling according to the pizza crust option selected – optional; need only the prices relative to what pizza the customer selected; if he wants XL pizza, need to have the crust fillings only for the XL crust filling.

    Thank you so much for the understanding.

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    Sorry, but you really seem not to understand the problem, or you have no solution to my issue…
    Tried to explain you several times what I need…..


    I can’t make the customization request you want, I can only help you make the customization like the demo link I sent.

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