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    1. The cart page is error. When i click the “see cart”, the page is empty. There are just only the header and the footer :
    Image for number 1
    2. the part in the cart is very messy. Please help me to tidy it up, please
    Image for number 2
    3. I tried to login in my own website. After i login, the login button is still available. Can you help me change the login button after we logged in into “Profile” ? So when we logged in, the button login changed into profile.
    Image for number 3
    4. Can you make this search widget more contrast ? Because i cant find the settings
    Image for number 4
    5. The headline in my blogs are empty. Please help me show it
    Image for number 5
    6. And the last is the website is super slow, please help me fix it too 🙁

    Thats all of my client problem, please help me.



    #1. You have not added the shortcode [woocommerce_cart] to this page cart

    #2. It’s ok now, please recheck: https://prnt.sc/j_yIJtrZBwIR

    #3. Currently this widget only has 1 title to change, so you can set it to a generic name like “My account” which we have on the demo: https://prnt.sc/DDTKqHi0fs1H

    #4, 5. I resolved this issue, please recheck.

    #6. Please double check all your plugins, update and delete unnecessary plugins.
    Please see your website analytics report here:
    – Google: https://pagespeed.web.dev/report?url=https%3A%2F%2Fciptagrafika.com%2F&form_factor=desktop
    – Gtmetrix: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/ciptagrafika.com/9v6qON6l/

    The report shows that the images on your website are too large, causing them to take a long time to load.
    Please check and re-optimize these images: https://prnt.sc/6yQRPJIp39dW

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    Hello sir, i having 1 problem more. Its just 1 problem. Can you help me :


    In the checkout page, there is an option to choose the shipping. But the design makes it doesnt look like an option, please make those choices look like options.

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    Oh ya, btw the cart in the mobile and tablet responsive are still messy, please help me solve these :

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    Hi sir, there is one more problem here, i switched all the leanguage into indonesia, but there is some words in my website still in english leanguage. Please help me solve this sir. Because i cant find the way :

    The Problem

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    Hello, i have 1 more problem. The cart is stil messy in phone responsive. Please help me solve it …


    I fixed this issue, please delete all Litespeed cache on your site and cache on your browser and recheck: https://prnt.sc/gvRLeTpnLEW6

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