Support Expired

Dear supporter,
Thank you.When I use google to detect my website, the server response is ok.Now my main problem is that many attached images are loaded in the homepage,which caused a heavy load,in fact,they shouldn’t be displayed on the homepage,such as:
this image https://paste.pics/52df7043b5acce6916aa6708211c0ecc ,it is a gallery image on product page https://www.visionsub.com/what-is-vision-self-weeding-transfer-paper/ , this image https://paste.pics/82c6e507148df6b435117448112b37ed it is an attached image of my product page https://www.visionsub.com/product/laser-light-transfer-paper/
Therefore,could you help me solve it so that they are not displayed on the homepage?
thank you very much for your help!