Thank you very much for everything, but I still don’t know where to change things and I don’t want to bother you anymore.


Several things have remained, I inform you of it:
*** Cart page (Image 3-1 Responsive (CART))
1.- Now it shows duplicate in the responsive, Telephone, the values of:
Subtotal, Shipping, VAT, Total, …
Please remove the wrong one.

*** on the payment page (Image 4-1 (PAYMENT PAGE)) and (Image 4-1 Responsive (PAYMENT PAGE))
1.- It is not visible in that color, please show the white in the letters that are not visible.
2.- It does not show the logo on any page in the responsive, I cannot place it so that it is displayed in the responsive.

Thank you and I hope I don’t have to bother you anymore, you are very attentive and fast. We will repeat purchases of themes with you.

If you could inform me which files are the ones you touch to be able to make color changes, I would be very grateful.