Hi you,

#1. Section MY ACCOUNT:
1. Please follow guide at https://rudrastyh.com/woocommerce/my-account-menu.html
2. I fixed all issues on my account page.

#2. Section SHOP PRODUCTS:
1. We don’t support dropdown for subcategories, can only display parent – child for this list. If you want to display the dropdown, you need to customize it with js
2, 3. Ok, I resolved this issue.

1,2: Ok, I fixed this issue
3. This is woocommerce’s default customization, we can’t interfere

#4. inspector:

Website speed also depends on processing speed from your hosting, optimizations from your website such as images, cache compression, css compression, html.

We can re-optimize your website for you, but there is a fee for this request.

All the customizations I’ve made into the child-theme for you to make sure you won’t lose any code when updating the main theme