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Support Expired

*On the breadcrumb feedback…I don’t want to change the BG colour for the whole breadcrumb! Just for the menu section only.

*I installed Loco Translate. Can this help me change the “Project Status” text to any text I want?

*Pls help me fix this form, I can seem to make the phone number look like the other fields: https://dev-st-regis-wp.pantheonsite.io/contact/

*For this post feed: https://dev-st-regis-wp.pantheonsite.io/careers/

1. I want to disable author and date
2. The text cuts off on the left side of the screen

*For the sections in grey background for this page: https://dev-st-regis-wp.pantheonsite.io/tenant-forms/. I can’t seem to remove the left vertical bar, just for that section (I like the bar for other places on the site)

thank you!