Support Expired

Thank you I just did it, can you send us an invoice please like last time ?
So here is a recap :

#1 : Rearrange the cart (https://loopyo.fr/panier/) and order (https://loopyo.fr/commander/) pages to make it more readable without all those change of lines in the order recap (especially on mobile)

#2 : Add a meta field on the product page to display in the store (thumbnails, quickview and product page) a crossed out price (like that : https://ibb.co/0BYCGjR)

#3 : Modify back to store (retour à la boutique) to make sure this button links to our specific page (https://loopyo.fr/composer-mon-ptitpack/) and not the default Woocommerce page (https://loopyo.fr/boutique/).

#4 : Hide the quickview button on mobile, we just need to click or hover on the item for it to show up.

Thanks a lot