Support Expired

Hello Leebrosus,

I hope you are well.

Our site developed on your template is very beautiful, but is unfortunately very very slow. This is explained (and you warned us) probably by your quick add to cart code via the pop-up. If you remember, we asked you to put it back and to adapt it for the subscription. Now we see that it is impossible to use the site because of the latency and probably because of your quick add to cart code.

In this sense, can you please tell us how to remove the quick add pop-up and replace it with WC QuickView pop-up?
While keeping the WC QuickView display when clicking/tapping on the image.

Also, we have noticed that WC QuickView is weirdly set up on mobile. Can you please tell us how to reduce the unnecessary spaces in order to bring up the photo and text inside the pop-up? :


Thanks and see you soon!